It doesn't matter what you are selling or how much it costs. If you have a lot of prospects that are interested and you continually follow-up with them, you will get sales. Period.

That is a hard and fast rule that also works on the internet.

Here are the 3 Big Insider Secrets: Traffic, Leads, Follow-up.

In a nushell, if you will do these three things, your online income will soar.

Let's start with the first one: Traffic.

Many people will argue that this is the only thing you need and you will be successful. Not true. I can give you hundreds of hits a day almost instantly through PPC (pay-per-click), but that doesn't mean you will make any sales.

Traffic without lead capture just results in casual "just looking" shoppers. What you want is returning traffic. Prospects that have been to your site once and then come back for more.

Another insider secret is that your traffic must "land" on a page that has 1 and only one offer that is targeted to the audience you are seeking. What ever that offer is, it must have value, almost irresistable value, to the prospect. AND, it MUST be free.

To get the offer, the prospect must enter his or her name and email into an autoresponder form so that you can accomplish "insider secret #3" - Follow-up.

Many home pages have dozens of links to all kinds of content. It's like getting to an intersection in the road with a hundred vague roadsigns. What are they to do? I know! Click the "x" on the upper right hand side. Gone in 8 seconds...

People need a simple choice - sign up for the freebie, the ethical bribe - or not. That's all. Make it easy. Make it simple.

Once they sign up, you actually have a lead that you can follow-up with.

The follow-up emails that you send to your leads need to be full of valuable, robust content that your audience is interested in. Nothing thin or timewasting. In other words - Real Good Stuff.

Again, this content should be free as well.

After you have sent your lead 3 or 4 emails over a 2 week period, then and only then would you want to make an offer to them.

The follow-up period is kind of like dating. These leads don't know you from Adam. They are "getting to know" you. The tone of your emails and the content you give them will determine the outcome of any future offers you make to them. The emails should be carefully crafted and well thought out.

Be careful what you say and how you say it. Get others to read your emails before you put them into your autoresponder. Make sure the content you offer is worthwhile.

Once you have a string of 30 to 50 follow-up emails saved into your autoresponder, AND have your "landing page" set up, it's time to start getting some traffic.

The very first thing to try is Pay per Click advertising.

While it can be expensive, it is the very fastest way to test your landing page and your email follow-up program.

Once you have data from an inital 2 or 4 day test, then you can tweak and optimize things.

Remember: Make one change and then test again and compare your results to the results you had before.

If the change increases response rate - keep it. If not, go back to what you were doing and change 1 other thing.

This continuous refining of your sales process will result in continued increases in sales - I guarantee it.