IIf you are looking for extra income ideas then the affiliate marketing business model is well worth looking into as it provides so many free opportunities.
Affiliate programs are free to join and here we take a look at three ways you can earn extra income with affiliate marketing.
1. the most popular way is to get paid for selling affiliate products. You have a choice of selling two types of products:
a) Digital products are very popular due to the fact that they can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Clickbank is a popular source for digital products and is free to join.
b) Physical products. Amazon is one of the biggest suppliers of physical products and the affiliate program, which is one of the longest standing, is free to join too.
2. Get paid for generating leads for other advertisers. This is known as pay per lead. You can find advertisers at affiliate networks such as Commission Junction.
3. The third way is to get paid per click. There are numbers of pay per click networks but Google Adsense is the biggest. You will be required to add some code to your website to display adverts in the network and when a website visitor clicks on any of those ads you will earn a commission.
The above are three free opportunities to earn extra income with affiliate marketing.
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