Amazon Affiliate Website

Amazon Affiliate Website is basically focusing on selling products from Amazon Store

To create Amazon Affiliate site you need to have an amazon associate account. It is easy to create account in amazon associate program. You need to have a live site to get approval. Once your account is ready then you need to create store to extract specific products related to your website, Amazon Affiliate website give money as commission when an item sold in your site.

There is no money when somebody clicks on your products. The commission is shown in your amazon associate account.

Google AdSense Website

On this site there is also alternative money making affiliate like google AdSense, click bank products Google AdSense site you will also find other affiliate programs for additional money making options

Google AdSense site is basically an informative site having content reach site where google AdSense link, text banner or image banner are present in line with the contents

In google AdSense site you need a live site with good and unique contents to get approval for AdSense account. Once they approve you can insert link, text or image banners into your site.

The google AdSense site generates money when a user clicks any google link, text or image banner. The amount will be reflecting in your google AdSense account.

As this site work like e-commerce site but it runs in auto-pilot mode the products are display automatically and it updates automatically. After an item sold there is nothing to do from your side for shipping and handling as this thing take care of the original store owner in amazon site

The google AdSense site also run in auto-pilot there is nothing needed to update in the site. The money which is generated is reflecting in google AdSense account.

The major thing needed from your part is to brining traffic to the site on this site also you need to popularize your site to bring traffic to generate good amount of revenue

The following State of US can't be member of amazon associate account due to tax problem. The states are: Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, & Rhode Island.

There is also restriction for google AdSense account for little country.

On amazon account there is not much restriction

In google AdSense account you need to follow the google AdSense guide line. Among them you can't add the code in adult, gambling, alcohol or such banded products. You can't click banner in your site yourself. If they found this then your account may get suspended or terminated.
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